When in Seoul Do As the Seoulites Do

I used to associate Seoul with shopping (Myeongdong, baby!). But after having countless visits to the city, I realized there are more to it than just shopping. It is an amazing city filled with mouth-watering (street) food and exciting attractions.  Continue reading “When in Seoul Do As the Seoulites Do”

Lounging at Yuseong Hot Springs (유성온천지구)

Whenever I googled for “attractions in Daejeon” — this always comes up. Always. So we decided to, well, check it out.

Yuseong is well-known for hot springs and popular among locals/tourists alike.
The water is known to be effective in countering various infections. High in alkaline, it is also believed that the water contains over 60 elements of minerals.
According to legends, wounded soldiers from the Baekje Dynasty were miraculously healed after taking their baths in these hot springs.

The spa at the acclaimed Yousung Hotel (built in 1915) is where you go for the “original” experience of basking in hot springs.

Yousung Hotel
The “original” spa experience – Yousung Hotel

Coming from 350m underground, with temperatures reaching 56°C  – the water is known to also relax sore muscles as well as stimulate blood circulation. There are also various options that include medicinal herb baths or seaweed baths.

This particular spa at the particular hotel is apparently the best.
It is open daily from 05:00 am – 10:00 pm and costs ₩4,500 for adults / ₩2,200 for children. If you go in before 08:00 am, you’ll pay Early Bird price at ₩3,000 –

But if you’re on a budget yet still looking to sample the experience, there’s a FREE open air foot spa area at the park to the east of Yousung Hotel.

Well, we opted for this one — y’know, just to give it a try.

Yuseong Foot Spa
Yuseong Foot Spa

This foot spa area consists of four pools — but when we were there, one wasn’t filled. There were quite a bit of people already enjoying the hot springs; mostly locals. But it wasn’t at all hard to find empty spots.

Yuseong Foot Spa
Main Pool

Before you start enjoying the water, it is a must for you to wash your feet. There’s an area provided especially for this purpose.

Yuseong Foot Spa
Feet washing area with Main Pool in the background.

The temperature was very pleasant for a slightly chilly afternoon —
We spent a good half hour with our feet dipped in the water. And apparently, it is not advisable to do it for longer — there was a signage nearby mentioning this. I’m curious to know why though.

Yuseong Foot Spa
Do’s and Don’ts 🙂

It was definitely a nice way to spend one’s free time.

I’ve been to various hot springs back home; but this one here in Yuseong is simply fab. Plus, it is super clean — not talking about the water or whatever, just surrounding in general.

But, guess that’s a given when you live in Korea 🙂

This foot spa area is open 24/7 all year round and like I mentioned earlier, it’s FREE!

To visit, take the subway to Yuseong Spa station (유성온천역) and use Exit 7 to get out. Walk straight until you reach the intersection and turn right. Walk for about two blocks and you will see the area on your left.
It’s hard to miss, that’s for sure 🙂

For those of you interested in visiting South Korea, direct airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul starts at RM991 per person (return flight) — you may check out Skyscanner for more awesome flight deals from other point of departures 🙂

Give it a try, and let me know your experience. Enjoy!


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Europe’s 5 Most Stunning Autumn Travel Destinations


Europe has always been at the top of my list for vacations. It is heaven for (most) travel enthusiasts — myself, included. Though its high prices often cause concerns to anyone traveling the region, don’t let this bring down your travel lust. Europe can also be an affordable travel destination.

Yes — you heard it right! 

I love Europe in Autumn. Unlike Summer where tourists flock to every restaurant/historical place/museum, being there during Autumn season means you will have the opportunity to discover the cities of your choice at your own pace. There will be smaller crowd, shorter lines, idyllic weather and it will be easier on the pocket. Shoulder season = better deals.

And you will also get to enjoy its spectacular display of Autumn foliage.

Let me share with you my five most favourite destinations in Europe during Autumn.



People tend to think of Switzerland as a Summer season, when the country is at its lushest. Or during Winter, when ski resorts in St. Moritz or Zermatt draw the rich and famous to their slopes. But the weather is still at its best in Autumn – especially in the Southern canton. Being so close to the Italian border, you will get a taste of Italy in its food, wine and even language (the locals speak Italian rather than German or French). A visit during the first weekend of October will give travellers a chance to experience the Autumn Festival.

A one way ticket from Seoul costs $443 (click HERE to see the deals) and roundtrip ticket costs $648 (click HERE to see the deals). And if you’re traveling from other point of departure, this LINK will take you to my favourite website, Skyscanner.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic (Prague, especially) in Autumn is amazing – many beautiful days with significantly less visitors. Czech foods and brews seem to compliment the city’s romantic golden glow. Take a stroll up to Castle Hill where you will find a panoramic view of Prague’s rooftops or you may opt to go to the public parks for the very best of Mother Nature’s displays.

A one way ticket from Seoul costs $311 (click HERE to see the deals) and roundtrip ticket costs $631 (click HERE to see the deals).


Southern Germany is super beautiful in Autumn. Here you will find more of Europe’s spectacular scenery with endless pine trees popping with colours, set against amazing looking mountains. Autumn is the season for various festivals (Octoberfest. Yay!) and endless amount of outdoor activities. Hiking, taking horse-drawn carriages, etc. There are also more than 20 historic castles and palaces to discover – Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace – just to name a few.

A one way ticket from Seoul costs $322 (click HERE to see the deals) and roundtrip ticket costs $567 (click HERE to see the deals).


Belgium is also one of Europe’s most beautiful Autumn destinations – medieval city of Bruges included. Historical buildings will be covered by amazing autumn hues. Colours reflected in the canals create a romantic scene with picture-perfect photo ops. Some of the city’s open market will be opened until November, so be sure not to miss this. Or you can also opt to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at De Proeverie while enjoying this beautiful sight.

A one way ticket from Seoul costs $448 (click HERE to see the deals) and roundtrip ticket costs $635 (click HERE to see the deals).

The Netherlands

Autumn is one of the best months to visit Amsterdam or The Netherlands in general. The weather is still pleasant and most of the crowds are gone. As you get further into Autumn, the temperatures drop and you’ll need to have jacket to ward off its cooler evenings. Bokbier Festival is something you’d have to experience at least once. There’s also Amsterdam Marathon for you runners out there.

A one way ticket from Seoul costs $427 (click HERE to see the deals) and roundtrip ticket costs $578 (click HERE to see the deals).


Picking the right travel destination can be tricky. There are so many variables to keep in mind. But Europe really does have something for just about everyone. And you don’t have to drain your wallet to get there.