When in Seoul Do As the Seoulites Do

I used to associate Seoul with shopping (Myeongdong, baby!). But after having countless visits to the city, I realized there are more to it than just shopping. It is an amazing city filled with mouth-watering (street) food and exciting attractions.  Continue reading “When in Seoul Do As the Seoulites Do”

Jet Lag Action Plan

Jet lag is a frequent travellers’ worst enemy. While there’s no easy way to completely avoid it, I would like to share with you some of my favourite tips that could be useful the next time you’re crossing multiple time-zone.

Shift your time for long trips.

I start shifting my sleep schedule a few days prior to the trip – one hour each day, usually. Moving meal times work too. That means, going to the gym very early in the morning or going to bed before your favourite show is over. Y’know what I mean, right? But it pays off (to me, at least) and make it easier for me to sleep on those red-eye flights.
I try to get on to the destination’s time as soon as I board the plane so it’ll be easier to adjust once I land.

Stay hydrated.

Dry and pressurised cabin can easily dehydrate you and in return, make you feel extremely exhausted. The best way to avoid this is by drinking lots of water. It doesn’t stop jet lag – that’s for sure – but it sure helps making sure dehydration isn’t what making you feel fatigue.

Avoid alcohol.

I can’t blame you for choosing to have a glass of wine (or perhaps, champagne) to help fall asleep. Been there, done that – guilty as charged, myself. Especially since they’re FOC on board. But try not to have too much of alcohol – you don’t want to arrive with your head pounding right?

Try to get some sleep.

If you can sleep on the plane, do it. Even only for a few hours. It does make a huge difference. When taking the red-eye to Europe for example (always the case when flying from Asia), don’t skip the breakfast your airline serves – even if you’re not hungry. It will help your body adjust that it is now morning even when your family back home is already done with lunch or whatever.

Avoid naps when you’re at destination.

Try to stay awake until your bedtime in the new time-zone. Yes, it is hard but necessary to make the rest of your trip a fruitful one. Go for a walk – fresh air helps make it easier to stay awake rather than being stuck in your hotel room.


I have never tried melatonin or any other pills – so I’m not quite sure how it works. Does these pills help in taming jet lags?


So You Want to Pack Like a Pro?


So you think packing everything you need for a trip into just a carry-on impossible? Well, everybody aspires to pack light. Some succeed but others might not. After spending most of my working life in the aviation industry, I’ve now learned how to not go overboard when packing. I’m definitely not an expert, but hopefully you find the tips below useful 🙂

Jot Down a List –
Make a list of every possible activities on your agenda – be it a work trip or even a vacation. If you’re traveling for work; take into account any schedule meetings, dinner engagements, cocktails and (perhaps) outdoor activities. Do the same if you’re packing for a vacation – packing for a beach holiday is way different then if you’re going for a ski trip.
Once you’ve figured this out, you can begin to formulate a plan.

Begin With Your Must-Haves –
Start by setting out your non-negotiable, must-haves items. Y’know, things you just can’t leave behind. Include favourite things you can’t leave behind – it could be a hot roller, massagers, anything. Everything else will have to work around the spaces left once you’re done packing.

Reuse and Recycle –
When choosing items from your wardrobe, choose basics that you can mix and match. This includes items you can use with other outfits. Stick to basic colours (black, blue, etc.) then add complimentary colours that match your key clothing items.
Pack a pair of flats for walking/sightseeing, flip-flops if you’re heading to the beach and a pair of heels (if this is a business trip).

Accessorize  –
Accessorizing is a great way to keep looking different and fresh. Scarves, for example, work well with any outfits – be it for business trip and even leisure. A statement necklace or a signature bracelet paired with a classy bag can change you from looking like a business person into a fun evening look.
Accessories are light, they don’t take much space and can make a huge impact on your personality.

Wrap It Up –
I used to roll my clothes during my early traveling days. Well actually, I still do roll my clothes though nowadays, I quite like keeping ’em in the plastic garment bags. This keeps my clothes wrinkle-free and separate them from the other items I’m carrying.

Duplicate Your Makeup Bag –
I have a designated makeup bag complete with the travel size of products I use on a daily basis. I don’t usually pack the full size products unless I really, really had to.

Don’t Forget to Bring Clear Plastic Bags –
Not only are these a requirement of TSA nowadays, but it’ll help you find what you need quickly. It will also protects against spills or leaks. Pack several bags for different items – one for toothpaste/toothbrush, one for facial creams/body lotions, etc. Don’t worry, these bags than can easily be fit in the sides of your suitcase.

Keep Your Valuables Close –
Jewelries, medications and chargers should all go into your carry-on bag. If you’re going to carry a fancy evening bag, that should also go in your carry-on. Carry your designer bag with you on the plane. Don’t simply assume it is safe to check it in.


Whether you’re traveling a week or month, pack exactly the same way. You don’t have to pack your entire wardrobe because you will end up not using half of them. Safe travels!