Hello there!

I’m a blogger and aviation enthusiast currently living a nomad life in this beautiful city of Daejeon, an hour or so away from Seoul – the capital of South Korea. I’ve always loved writing, so I decided to start this blog after leaving my job last year (2015).Hanie - the blogger

I might return to the aviation world someday down the road. But for now – there’s no end date, no itinerary to my adventure. And if I were to be honest with you, I don’t have any real back up plan.

And guess what, I’m perfectly okay with that.

I am enjoying my new life here and currently on a quest to try every single cafe in the city to find the best Caramel Latte in town.

When I’m not blogging on this site, you can find me on my┬áInstagram page at ­čÖé

And oh. Btw, you can call me Hanie. Nice to meet all of you xo


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