Why Everybody Should Checkout Hotel Maui DDM

I love living in Daejeon. But occasionally, I also enjoy getting out of the city to explore other parts of beautiful Korea.
So, when Hotel Maui DDM reached out for a collab, I leapt with joy. Seoul is a loud, busy city if you compare it to Daejeon. But a weekend in Seoul was exactly what I needed. 

Hotel Maui is the perfect place to be if you want to get away from the madness. Yet, still be in the center of it all. Nestled cozily between Dongmyo and Sinseol-dong Stations, you’re only one stop away from the famous Dongdaemun. So, if shop-til-you-drop is on top of your list and you need something that will not break the bank, take a closer look at this hotel.

The walk from Dongmyo Station to the hotel was fairly short. Plus, I was provided with a map (in PowerPoint presentation) by the staff. You see, I have been to Seoul many times. But I always got lost while trying to find my hotels. But this time, finding the hotel was effortless. Thumbs up to Hotel Maui DDM.

We were greeted by cute Christmas decorations and of course, super friendly staff. Check-in was a breeze. And within minutes, I was already lying on my bed. The hotel consists of five floors (ours was on the 2nd). Room sizes vary – you can choose single, double/twin and even, triple room. I booked a double room and the moment I stepped in the room, I felt right at home. Want to know why?

Hotel Maui DDM

Super Cozy Room Atmosphere

Though simple, the room was tastefully decorated. Very minimalistic and if you know me well enough, I’m a sucker for minimalist design. The bed was firm and complete with an ultra comfy blanket. Perfect for Seoul’s bitter winter.

Room at Hotel Maui DDM

Wifi connection was fast but hey, we’re after all in South Korea 😉

Spacious Bathroom

Okay, I am not kidding. It was massive, about half the size of the actual room. That made me a happy birdie.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Korean living – the bathrooms are usually the whole shower. And of course, you wet everything whenever you shower. Not here, though. The shower head points away from the toilet. The distance between the shower head and the towel rack is far enough so that your towels don’t get wet.

Hotel Maui DDM

I love their personalized containers. I think it’s very thoughtful, and it made them stand out compared to other hotels I’ve stayed at.

And just FYI, rinse is the Konglish version of conditioner. See, you guys learned something new today 🙂

Good Service

The hotel provides free breakfast from 09:00 am – 10:00 am. A little later than most hotels but I, unfortunately, didn’t make it for breakfast on both days. Well, that’s what happens when you have too much soju the night before 😉

The best part of Hotel Maui DDM is they organize parties for their guests and staff. I was invited to a Kimbap Party but missed it due to the protest (more about that in my next post). I hope this is something they’ll continue. It’s a great way for guests to meet each other, and for the staff to get personal insights from guests.


I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Maui DDM. The location was perfect. Quiet enough for a relaxing staycation, yet, close enough to the center of everything. There are a lot of amazing Korean as well as Western restaurants around the area, for whenever you feel like grabbing a bite. Plus, the subway stations are just minutes away in case you want to venture out.

If you’re looking for a place to stay (in the heart of Seoul) that will not break the bank, I highly recommend Hotel Maui DDM. So, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to book. And if you’re looking for cheap airfare to Seoul, I found a good deal on Skyscanner.

Hotel Maui DDM
(201-15 Sungin-dong)14 Jong-ro 66ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-825

Phone: +82 (0)10-5738-8010
Email: hotelmauiddm@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hotelmaui.kr/

Social: Facebook | Kakao: hotelmauiddm | Line: hotelmaui


Disclosure: I was a guest at Hotel Maui DDM for two nights while I was in Seoul. However, all opinions and photos are my own.

19 thoughts on “Why Everybody Should Checkout Hotel Maui DDM

  1. It looks nice. I love hotel that really takes care of you and makes sure you know how to get there. Especially if it’s a traveler’s first time in the city it can really help set them at ease. I like the slightly later breakfast hours too and the nice location too. If I ever need a staycation in Seoul, it might be worth checking out!

  2. The rooms at Hotel Maui look alot nicer than ones we stayed in while traveling thtoughout Korea. The rooms are more modern and clean! When we come back to Korea we will have to stay here!

  3. Looks like you had a nice stay at this place! I totally relate to the comment about the Korean showers…I’m used to it now, but it still drives me crazy when my entire bathroom is perpetually soaked!

  4. Been reading quite a few good reviews of this place recently. Sounds like a great stay in the heart of the city. I always appreciate a nice budget friendly place where the action is! I like personalized bathroom bottles too, hehe.

  5. I’m in Seoul next week so I will check this hotel out. I love getting recommendations from other bloggers. I like to stay around the Dongdaemun area because it’s so central so this is a great shout!

  6. Your description of the size of the bathroom is funny:-)… Since this is near Dongmyo and Dongdaemun, this is another hotel that can be recommended to tourist/friends. I could lead them to your review so they could have photos of the place and your personal evaluation of the place, thanks!

  7. Good to see you back posting and I love that you got a hotel collaboration! You go girl! It’s great to hear they set you up with some coordinates, it surprises me STILL that hotels don’t do a better job at directing guests where they need to go. And a bathroom in Korea that’s actually spacious?! HELL YES!

  8. Nice place and who wouldn’t want a giant bathroom! Was there a tub? Hanani, we should make a trip to Seoul together one of these days when we’re not being bombarded with weekend snow. PS Love the new layout.

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